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Update from P2

We have had another busy week in P2! We have started our nativity rehearsals on the stage and are having a lot of fun practicing our best singing voices! With a few weeks to go it is all staring to come together!

In maths this week we looked at volume and what this means. We experimented with different containers to see which would hold the most water and which holds the least. We had a great time measuring out different volumes of water and recording this in our books.

In writing, we have been looking at rhyming words. Some of us found this challenging to begin with so we split into teams and worked together to come up with rhymes for the words Mrs Anderson was writing on the board. Both Mrs Anderson and Miss Borsbey’s team scored 8 points each! On Thursday, we split into teams again and took our learning outside. We played a game which involved running to different areas of the playground if we heard a rhyming word.

Jigsaw Jo came to visit us again and this week she was helping us learn about the differences between people in our class. We spoke about things such as appearance, age, likes and dislikes. We collaborated in pairs to create our very own difference shields which we then shared with the class.

In P.E., we used our safe jumping skills in a different context – we learnt how to hurdle! We started off with small hurdles which then got bigger and bigger every round! It was really tricky by the end as the hurdles were up to some of our waists but we challenged ourselves and came up with different strategies of how to jump over them. Look how shocked Team 1 were when they saw how big the last one was!

Our cosy reading area has been updated this week. We now have books featuring winter stories, measurement and feelings.

The children all sat down last week as a class with a budget and decided on new books to fill our reading area. The majority of the class voted to buy books from the “Little People, Big Dreams” collection, which is a collection of books each focusing on the life of a historical figure/celebrity. The books tell the story of each person’s life and how they became famous, but are worded in such a way that are great for children to read. The books look wonderful in our bookshelf and we can’t wait to start reading them.

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