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Happy New Year from Primary 2/1.

Happy New Year everybody!

It’s been a quick and busy break but we are all back to school and raring to get learning. We’ve had a hectic first week back in Primary 2/1 and have packed lots of exciting learning into our days.

One of the topics we have been having a focus on, is developing our 4 social Intelligence skills which are, leading, communicating, feeling and collaborating. These are essential skills for everyday life and will provide us with the appropriate skill base for entering the workplace, which is a little while off for us but its good to make a start early!

Primary 2/1 have become something of experts at leading number talks, so much so that we don’t even need Mrs Stevenson to help! We are able to discuss and share with the class how we see the number patterns and can confidently record our calculations using the correct symbols, all whilst talking to the class and writing on the board. We really enjoy taking on the role of the teacher and helping our friends learn. Here are some photos of us in action….


We have also started investigating the concept of time in maths this week. We  explored different calendars and found out how many days in total were in each month as well as how many Monday, Tuesdays etc there were. It was tricky at first but we soon got the hang of it. We also discussed why it is helpful to have a calendar and how it can help us remember to important dates and get organised. We decorated our very own calendar to take home, not forgetting to circle the most important date of the year….our birthdays! Just so nobody forgets!!! Here are some examples of our work.

With Burn’s Night fast approaching we have decided to start a mini topic featuring a special visitor to Mrs Fleming’s Wednesday……Hamish McHaggis. It was all very mysterious indeed. We got a note to tell us that a visitor was hiding somewhere in the class. After a frantic search we found Hamish wrapped up in a tartan scarf. He had brought a number of books with him to help us with our learning. The first book he introduced us to was called the ‘Edinburgh Adventure’. Here we saw lots of famous landmarks in our capital city, like the Edinburgh castle and the Forth Road Bridge. There was also lots of funny Scottish words which Mrs Stevenson couldn’t pronounce, so we helped her out! We are looking forward to learning lots more about our beautiful country with Hamish and his friends.

We had a big think about all the things we already know about Scotland and what we would like to learn about in the next few weeks, we enjoy planning together and having a say in what we would like to learn about.


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