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P5 Enjoy Their Performance!


We have practised our visualisation skills. After reading a section of our class novel we looked for clues in the text and drew in detail the picture that was in our head.


We discussed the difference between short and long vowel sounds. Then we compared words such as hoping and hopping and biter and bitten. We learnt that if there is a long sounding vowel in the middle of the word then there will usually be 2 consonants after it e.g. dinner. Some of us found lots of examples when we went on a dictionary hunt looking for these types of words.


We used the laptops and played games to help us recall our table facts quickly.

Also we have started to learn about fractions.

This week some of us beat our previous score in BIG MATHS!


This week we learnt about how the dreams and goals of children in different cultures are sometimes different from our own.

We made dream spirals for these children:


After a recap of our work on using line last week we completed observational drawings of various objects. Afterwards we wandered round and looked at other people’s work and gave them feedback. We were particularly impressed with these: 

Don’t forget your fluffy, cuddly toy for next week’s observational drawing session!


This week was our last ‘Move to the Beat’ session and we invited some of the other children in the school to our last workshop.

Keris – I enjoyed it because all the little ones started dancing.

Chloe – The little ones started singing.

Georgie – I liked the drumming when we split into 2 groups.

Topic – Mary Queen of Scots

After reading through some more information about her life, we drew a comic strip representing the key points. These will be displayed in our classroom soon!


Look at who got the compliments this week!

Finally this week Keris would like to mention she has felt more confident at putting her hand up in class.

Well done Keris!

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