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P2 Trip to Stirling Castle

We had a fantastic time at Stirling Castle on Wednesday!

We got to see statues of lots of different people! We had the chance to try on pieces of armour – they were very heavy! We also had the chance to wear costumes and be different characters!

We saw different people dressed up who were telling us about their jobs in a castle and what it was like to live hundreds of years ago. We were very lucky as one of the actors showed us a real unicorn horn! She taught us that unicorn horns can cure people from poison!We also got to see theĀ  King and Queen’s bedroom!

We started our tour in the Great Hall. The Great Hall is where the King and Queen went to eat. The more important you were, the closer to the King and Queen you got to sit! The Great Hall is also where the Castle staff slept at night time – there would sometimes be over 300 people in the hall sleeping!

We had a brilliant time and learned so much! Ask us about our favourite and least favourite part of our day when you see us!

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