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Primary 2 - Tuesday 24th March

Hello Primary 2!

Here are a few extra activities that you could try today as well as the work in your packs!


Have a look at this picture below. Can you use this picture as a setting for an imaginative story? Your story can be about anything you wish but remember it must have capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and adjectives in it. Use your blue jotters to write your imaginative story!

Image result for castle setting


Use the following link that will take you to a random number generator. In the boxes, enter “between 1 and 20.” Click the “Generate number” button twice and add together the two numbers that have been generated. What is the biggest number you can make?


Research different flowers that bloom during Spring. Can you use what we know about different kinds of lines to choose a flower, draw a picture of it and then label the different parts of it? Remember to write down what kind of flower you have chosen!


Have a wonderful day!

Miss Borsbey

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