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Good Morning Primary 1/2

Good Morning Everybody – I hope you all have had a restful and relaxing weekend and are ready for another week of some fun home learning tasks.

This week you should be moving onto week 2 of your home learning packs, but like last week I will be posting additional activities here for you to try.

We would normally have our Big Monday morning check in, instead why don’t you tell an adult about how you are feeling today and what did you enjoy doing over your weekend. If you have any older relatives or friends could you share this with them over the phone? Or perhaps you could draw a picture of one thing you did over the weekend and write a sentence to explain your picture. This could be added to your purple jotters. Don’t forget all the writing targets… Can you share them with an adult?

Here are some ideas for activities today.


Choose one of the books from your pack. Is it Fiction or non-fiction. Can you tell an adult what the difference is? Once you have read your book, design an alternative front cover. Don’t forget to include the author, illustrator and the title of the book.

As an additional task, go on a book hunt around your house. Choose at least 10 books and sort them into fiction and non fiction. Can you explain to an adult why you have sorted each book into each category? Here is a little song for you to listen to, to help you remember the difference between fiction and non-fiction.

I am missing reading aloud to you all during our milk and story time.  I found this super website with a huge selection of some of our favourite read aloud books. If you copy the address below into the search bar you will be able to choose your favourite story and have it read aloud to you by an adult. Grab some milk or water and enjoy!


Don’t forget to get an adult to give you 5 daily calculations to solve using the tools we have been learning about in class. Remember don’t get tricked out by the symbol!

Here are my five for today.. complete them in your purple jotter..don’t forget to date your work!!

10 – 2 =               3 + 7 =                6 – 4  =

5 + 4 =                 6 – 0 =

One of the tasks in your home learning pack this week is all about shape. If you could complete the activity here is a little fun follow up task.

This time I am challenging you to go on a shape hunt around your house. What shapes can you find. Draw around objects, eg a DVD for a circle or a book for a rectangle etc. Cut them out and decorate them. Create your own shape picture or if you have a printer get an adult to print the sheet below for you to fill in. Add some colour to your pictures too.



Health and Wellbeing

This term we are learning all about keeping ourselves healthy.  Today I would like us to focus on household products, including medicines and how they can be harmful to us if not stored and used in the proper way.

To get started there is a game on Education city called Baby Jack, this will help you get an idea about which types of foods and medicines can be helpful or harmful – have a go and see how many you can get right. I will add this game to our Home learning section on the website.

Take a look at these 2 set of pictures below…

Sort the pictures of household items/ products into the rooms where they would be found, either kitchen or bathroom; then each pair takes, for instance, the kitchen pictures and sorts those into items safe for them to use/not safe for them to use.
Can you share with an adult reasons why some items are safe/unsafe for you to use.



I hope everybody has a great day and remember to spend some time outside seeing the sunshine has made an appearance at last. Speak with you all tomorrow.

PS.Who joined in with Joe and his workout this morning? Here is the link in case you missed it!



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