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Primary One - Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning everyone! Hope you are all safe and well. Just 2 more days until the Easter holidays! Some extra activities for you to try.

Activity 1 –  Phonics oo and ee sounds

I have copied 2 pages that can be completed in jotters. The idea is that you choose a consonant sound from the first square box bring it down to the number 1 dotted line then choose either oo or ee to bring down for the next sound, then choose the last sound from the end square box. Now blend the sounds together, say the word and draw a picture to match. Try to complete both sheets. You could extend your learning by creating you own boxes with different sounds. How many words can you make and read?

L.I. to understand that two letters can make 1 sound

S.C. I can blend oo and ee with other sounds to create and read words

Activity 2 – Maths –  Money

As it is nearly Easter I have copied 2 worksheets for you to try. They are called How Much Do the Easter Eggs Cost?. There are 4 eggs with different amounts in each. I would suggest that if the children have banks or you have some spare change it would be helpful to use concrete materials to support understanding. Again use the jotter to record answers. To extend learning the children could draw their own Easter eggs putting different amounts in each and then adding to find a total.

L.I. to recognize and use a range of coins

S.C. I can identify coins to 10p

S.C. I can apply my addition skills to add coins up to value of 10p

Activity 3 – Easter Activities

Some fun things to do with your family over the holiday

  1. Have an egg an spoon race (make sure the egg is hard boiled!)
  2. Decorate an Easter egg tree (made from branches etc, that you may find on your daily exercise walk?)
  3. Make an Easter basket and leave it at someone’s door to cheer them up
  4. Easter egg treasure hunt in your own garden
  5. Easter egg rolling race in your own garden
  6. Easter egg decorating competition.

Remember we would love to see pictures so please send them to the schools email address.

Have a great day. Stay safe!

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