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What a wonderful week we've had! We had a great time making a Father's Day poem, card and trophy. We have been revising on our multiplication and division strategies as well as our understanding of time. We read facts about Tigers and we wrote a procedure text. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


We had a great time at the Edinburgh Castle. We truly made the Deans community proud because everyone brought their responsible and respectful hats on. This week, we have been working on procedural writing and we have been revising on Numeracy and Maths topics that we have covered over this session. We also met our ... Continue reading P4 Class 10.06.2022


Dear Parents/Carers Primary 3 are having a sale of toys, jigsaws, games and books to raise money for plants to put in the planters at the shops in Deans. The sale will be this Friday, the 10th of June from11:15am -11:45am in the Primary 3 classroom. You are very welcome to come to school from ... Continue reading Primary 3 Toy Sale