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It's Monday, Good Morning!!!! Lets Get Active Today's Joe Wicks session is available through this link: Mrs Anderson, from the school not the nursery, has been doing Yoga for the children. If you want to give it a go follow the link below: Story Elmer the Patchwork Elephant Elmer is different and he's definitely not ... Continue reading Monday 25 May


Good morning all!! Keeping active Joe Wicks session for today is available through this link: Balloons Another fun way to get the children moving and having fun. Suitable for multiple children (and adults can get also get involved). Blow up some balloons and then get them to burst them by stomping, squeezing, sitting or even ... Continue reading Thursday 21 May


Good morning all!!! Lets be active Today's Joe Wicks session is: The opposites action and dance song gets your child moving while making them aware of the opposite actions and feelings. Songs Another song that will increase your child's understanding of opposites is accessed through this link: Games for devices Explore with Maddie ... Continue reading Wednesday 20 May


Good morning. I hope that Tuesday finds you all well. Lets get active Joe Wicks can be accessed through this link: Sticky Kids "Lets Go Walking" is an action song that your children can listen to and follow the instructions. the link to this is: Book Bug Book Bug is 10 this week! There are ... Continue reading Tuesday 19 May


This is from all the staff at Deans just to let you know we are all missing you so much!!!! We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Take care.


Keeping Active Today's Joe Wicks session can be accessed through this link: Mindful Movement for Young Learners Lisa Thomas Prince, an outreach specialist with the Centre for Healthy Minds, shares a practice for young learners to promote well-being. Story Everybody Worries is a bright and friendly picture book, children learn that it's okay to ... Continue reading Thursday 14 May


Happy Wednesday everyone!!! The link for the Joe Wicks session we are using today is bellow: Listening In today's Cosmic Yoga session Jaime introduces a fun game about listening. Access this through: Lets be scientists today An absolutely stunning Swirling Milk Science Experiment that you can try at home. In this post, we are going ... Continue reading Wednesday 11 May


Good morning everyone!!! We are running a day behind with the workouts with Joe Wicks. So the session we are accessing today was from Monday, I hope that this does not cause too much confusion with your little ones. Access this session through the following link: In this yoga session Jaime talks about mindful eating. ... Continue reading Tuesday 12 May


Another Monday morning, lets shake of those Monday blues with Joe Wicks. This session is from Saturday and can be accessed through this link: Another physical activity you could do today is to spell out your name then do the activity relating to each of the letters in your name. Once you have ... Continue reading Monday 11 May


Almost the end of another week!! Remember you can access lunches for the children between 12 noon and 1.30pm Monday to Friday at the main door of the school. The school app is updated daily with the hot lunch choices. Packed lunches are available daily as well. Keeping Active Today's Joe Wicks session is available ... Continue reading Thursday 7 May


Good morning all!! Keeping Active Today's Joe Wicks session is available through this link: A fitness activity for all the family "Have a blast with this family fun cardio workout!" Why not give it a try using the link below: Games to play on devices It's your first day at school! This is a ... Continue reading Wednesday 6 May


Good morning everyone and Happy Tuesday!!! Today's session for Joe Wicks is accessible through the following link: I Can Move My Body Like Anything is another action song that encourages your child to move their bodies in different ways. Here is the link to the song: Simon Says is another action song where the ... Continue reading Tuesday 5 May

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