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P.3 Thursday 7.5.20

Welcome back boys and girls, I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend and you are feeling refreshed and ready for Thursday’s home learning tasks.


Recently we have looked at values in our lives. We looked at Christian stories in the Bible for some inspiration. Remember The Lost Sheep.

Today we are looking at the Qu’ran the Holy Book for Muslims. One strong value for a Muslim is from the Zakat – Pillar Three.

This value is about looking after other people. Each Muslim gives up a share of his wealth each year to provide for those less fortunate.

This demonstrates the value of being fair.

Can you think of a time when you were fair?  Maybe when you were playing with your friends or sharing out toys or food.

Draw a picture on the worksheet below of a time when you remember being fair. Write a short explanation about it too.

RME P.3 values being fair


This week we are going to have another wee look at nouns. If you want to remind yourself about them have another look at the noun powerpoint. Remember Naomi Noun…..



Now complete the noun hunt sheet below.

P.3 noun-hunt-activity-sheet-_ver_1


We are continuing our work on fractions. We are focusing on halves and quarters just now.     


Look at the Pizza Fraction powerpoint.



You will see that you can get more than one quarter 1/4




You can have two quarters which  is the same as a half .


You can also have three quarters. 





Complete the pizza fraction worksheet.

P.3 fraction pizza

Health & Well Being

Look at the powerpoint.

._UK 7-8 5-RL Piece 1

Did you notice it doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl when you choose the job you want to do?

Think about the job you would like when you grow up. Try to think of three choices and use one of the worksheets to make your own When I Grow Up. I’d Like to be a ………………………….. poem.


Let’s finish with a story. This is one of my favourites – A Lion in the Library!!

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