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Primary One - Friday 8th May 2020

Good Morning Everyone! Free Friday Clipart, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ... Happy Friday!

I hope you are well and have been enjoying the beautiful warm sunny weather.

Activity 1 – Edinburgh Zoo – live webcam

I hope you enjoyed the WWF challenge (to make a habitat) and look forward to seeing pictures of your completed models. I thought today it might be good to drop into see how the penguins at Edinburgh Zoo are getting on without any visitors. As you know Zoos are closed at the moment but there is a live webcam set up so you can watch them from your home. I have been watching them and they are just amazing! Click on the link below

Activity 2 – Arts and Crafts CRAFT CUP, CLIP ART | Art clipart, Crafts

L.I. to  use a range of media creatively

S.C. I can use my tearing skills to create the owls feathers

If we were at school we would be looking at forests and woodland creatures and I know one creature that we all would like to find out more about would be owls. So lets begin by making one.

       Firstly draw an owl shape (see in the picture)


 Then tear different colours of paper and stick them onto your owl shape. Cut out yellow eyes, break and feet. Stick them on and cut round the owl shape. Easy! Enjoy




Activity 3- Topic

L.I. to search for information

S.C.I can record 3 interesting facts about owls

Try to find out 3 interesting facts about owls and record your findings on a fact file. If you have any books at home they may be useful or ask an adult to help you search online. One fact that I found out was that Owls ears are unlike our ears. They are located at the side of their heads but one ear is higher than the other.  I have made one that you can copy into your jotter, or make your own.

Have a fantastic weekend, keep safe! More activities on Monday.

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