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P5/6 Monday 11th May

Hello all!

I am going to copy each day’s “Daily Plan” ( I have changed the name from “Read Me First”) document from Team’s “Files” into the blog as some of you have been having difficulties accessing it. I hope this helps. However it seems as though I can not put in some materials into the blog that I can into Teams. I don’t think that your issues have been about accessing Teams, more about downloading stuff? I don’t think I am going to show this part of the message after this week.

Spelling activity: choose a list of Fry’s words that is appropriate for yourself. Create a Word document with a table of 2 columns and 25 rows. Write your chosen 25 words in the first column. Using a dictionary, on-line or book, put a definition of the word in the second column next to it. I have created an example to support you if you are not sure how to do this. I have created a dedicated folder in “Files” for this work. Please include your name as part of the file name to differentiate it from the others. Thomas and Ethan thank you for the work you have done. Please try to do another set of more challenging words. I have also created the first in a series of “HotPotatoes” activities, generated from the spelling work Thomas, Ethan and Gemma had produced. Please try it and tell me what you think. Some of you have already tried to experiment with making your own “HotPotatoes” quizzes. Here is a link to where you can download the program and here is a tutorial on how to use one of the applications in it. I think we could also use it for maths

The use of Teams went really well last week, thank you. I have tidied up “Files” and, I think, made it easier to use and find things. Please let me know if you have any issues with it.

Keep your personal projects going- you still have the folder to post them into – please check out the work Thomas, Ethan and Zoey have already put in there.

Topic – Read Ethan’s “Broons” story and Thomas’s “Oor Wullie” and “Broons” stories. Challenge: can you do better? Think about interesting ways to present these stories. Please post any ideas you have so we can discuss them. What about making a film? Do you have Windows Media Player on your computer? If not please try to download and install it. Is there any other way we could film it? I have created a dedicated folder for this work in “Files” as well.

Has anyone finished their work on measure yet? If not, finish money first and then move onto measure. This will help progress your work on decimals to 3 places.

  TJay 1b TJay 2a TJay 2b
Money Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 7
Measure Chapter 15 Chapter 13a Chapter 13

P6s, please think of a class novel for P7 and let me know.

Education City: You all appear to still have quite a lot of unfinished activities so I will wait until I publish some more.

Logan S is growing vegetables as a health project. Ethan has also now started growing strawberries. Anyone else?

Keep your daily diary going, recording what you are doing, what exercise you do, what you eat and how you feel.

Continue to practise your French using the resources from the link below:

Don’t forget to do the day’s activities on BBC “Bitesize”.

And exercise with Joe (or his girlfriend!?)

Take care all of you.


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