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P5/6 Monday 25th May

Highest priority today is “Learning in P56”. I have up-dated and up-loaded “Our Learning in P56”, which I have partially made with the help of Ethan and Thomas. Please will you check it and tell me what we are missing. What about the assemblies we have done? What about the birthday celebrations? Try to think in terms of the areas of the curriculum that I have used, and any others that you can think of. Please think of the three health activities, including one from PE, that were most important to your own personal learning over the year. Please also think of three activities from three different areas of the curriculum that were most important to your own personal learning over the year.

You should have done the survey by now:

Maths: Finish money first and then move onto measure. I think all 4 parts of TJay 2a Chapter 13 (a,b,c and d) are useful. This will help support your work on decimals to 3 places. If you have finished these you could do TJay 2a revision work on decimals: Chapters 5 and 7

  TJay 1b TJay 2a TJay 2b
Money Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 7
Measure Chapter 15 Chapter 13a,b,c and d Chapter 13

Do you want a cycle rack, shelter, cycle lockers, secure storage or scooter shelter for the school? We can get these, but we have to apply for them. You are all now experts at writng these types of letters through all the learning you have done on persuasive writing (and cold calling (another drama activity we have done!)). All the resources you need have already been up-loaded and you have used them. I have also up-loaded the supporting information for the grant: “Sustrans Cycle Parking Grant”.

I don’t think we have fully realized the potential of HotPotatoes. If you have not tried it, please do.

I also don’t think anyone has finished “Education City”.

I think this week I might try to contact you guys again!

Have fun, take care and hope you had a good weekend!

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