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Happy Monday Primary 1/2 25.5.20

Good Morning Everyone!

Good Morning boys and girls, I hope everyone had a lovely relaxing weekend and are ready for all of this week’s home learning tasks.

Let’s start the week as we mean to go on…Let’s get moving! This is one of my favourite songs..

At 11am today the crew at Fischy Music are running another live assembly. Use Youtube ( with the help of an adult) to join in and maybe you will recognise some of the songs we sing in assembly or class. Below is a link to help you find it.


Follow the link to the Oxford Owls ebooks page –       and log in using   username  –  deans12      password – mrsstevenson

This week’s book is  ‘Everyone Got Wet’

Before reading the book, here are some questions to ponder.

  1. Can you predict what the book will be about? 
  2. What do you think is happening on the front cover?
  3. Who will be the main characters in the story?
  4. Where is the story set?
  5. What do you think the big green container on the cover is for?
  6. Is everyone wet? why not?

With the help of an adult, read the story out loud. Remember all the things which a good reader does.

  • Follow the words with our fingers
  • Use the pictures for clues
  • Looks for words or sounds which we recognise
  • Knows what to do if we get stuck at a word

Once you have finished reading the book you can have a go at the online play activities which go alongside the book. Good luck and have fun.

Finally, have a go at phonics bloom – yes/no yeti game    Read the sentences and answer yes or no to the questions.



The new sound this week is  th – there are lots of th activity worksheets in your packs to help you learn all about this sound. Don’t forget to use them in addition to any activities I add on here.

I always call this the cheeky clown sound because you have to stick your tongue out a little to make the sound!

Here is the jolly jingle to go with the sound.

Can you think of any th words? Look around you, are there any objects which contain this sound?

Here is Geraldine, to give you a hand…

We need to be really careful not to get tricked out by this sound. It sounds very similar to f… but can you tell the difference?

Have a go at saying both these sounds out loud using the picture below. Try and feel the ‘cooling’ and think about where you feel it, on your lips or your teeth.

Now have a go at writing some words containing this sound. Have an adult read them out to you. Listen carefully.

th – i -ck          th – i – n       th -a -n -k       t -ee- th       t -oo -th

p – a – th        b – a – th       cl – o – th        w- i – th

Numeracy and Maths


I added the link below for you to have a watch of Natwest’s Money Sense Monday,  we were on holiday last Monday but the theme was Needs and Wants.

MoneySense Mondays – 18th May

⭐Join special guests Michael Vaughan and daughter Jemima on Monday 18th May.In our next MoneySense Mondays lessons, ages 5-8 will look at the different between needs vs. wants and ages 8-12 will learn about raising money for charity. Each lesson has been specially created to suit Key Stages 1 and 2 and will be hosted by an experienced teacher and a NatWest Community Banker.Lesson 1: 10-10.30amLevel: Key Stage 1, ages 5-8Topic: Needs and wantsLesson 2: 10.30-11amLevel: Key Stage 2, ages 8-12Topic: Raising money for charity⭐ (Michael and Jemima will be joining for lesson 2)Lessons will consist of a 10-minute introduction and around 13 minutes of activities with a 7 minute Q&A at the end.If these times don’t suit your home school timetable, the videos will be available after the lessons finish on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.Teacher host: James AylottJames is a former Headteacher and Maths Leader from Essex. He's the founder of popular maths resource Number Stacks ( host: Trudi Zimmer, Community Banker from SomersetCatch up on previous lessons:11th May:Key stage 1, ages 5-8 – Keeping money safeKey stage 2, ages 8-12 – Keeping money safe (fraud & scams) May:Key stage 1, ages 5-8 – Saving moneyKey stage 2, ages 8-12 – Ways to pay for things April:Key stage 1, ages 5-8 – Notes and coinsKey stage 2, ages 8-12 – Budgeting'd love you to share what your children have learned on social media and help us spread the word to other parents. #MyMoneySense #MoneySenseMondaysWhat is MoneySense?MoneySense is a financial education programme, provided for free by NatWest, that aims to help 5-18 year-olds towards a better financial future. It uses the key money moments in a young person’s life – starting to save their pocket money, opening a bank account or getting their first mobile phone – to make learning about money feel relatable. Find more resources for parents on our website: and educationally robustMoneySense is proud to have been awarded the Financial Education Quality Mark by Young Money. The programme is based on the Financial Education Planning Framework and has been created with input from practising teachers to support the curriculum.

Posted by NatWest on Monday, May 18, 2020

Daily Ten

Here are your daily ten for today. There is a mixture of different questions for you this week, covering topics from throughout the year so far.

  1. What is ten more than 40
  2.  What is ten less than 20
  3. 5 + 5 =
  4. 6 + 6 =
  5. 10 –  ? = 3
  6. 10 – ? = 8
  7.  5 – 4 =
  8. 8 – 2 =
  9. What day comes after Tuesday?
  10. What day comes before Monday?

Health and Well being

We have been focusing on Friendships and how to be a good friend to others.  I want you to have a look at the statements below and chat about them with an adult.

Do you agree with all of these statements?

Can you make your own list of what makes a good friend?

Finally, just for fun…

Have a great day boys and girls, I will be back tomorrow with some more home learning ideas.

Mrs Stevenson


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