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P5 Tuesday 25th May

Good Morning everybody. Let’s get energized.Choose the Joe Wicks workout: or anything else you like.

Smart start –Newsround

Then write 3 sentences about what you have learnt.Extension – If you finish check out the rest of the Newsround website or catch up with any other work you need to finish.Chat will go back on about 9:55 to discuss learning.

Numeracy-LI To use historical number systems – SC I can complete calculations using Egyptian Number Systems

Check out the Ancient Egypt Powerpoint

Ancient Egypt differentiated worksheets (one star=spicy, two stars=spicier, 3 stars=spiciest.)  If you need help with any worksheets you can always use your research skills! Or use this document : Egyptian Numbers

Plenary-if you are interested watch this showing the history of numbers through time!

And only if you are interested : History of Maths Display Timeline

After Break


  1. Finish any unfinished work(this could include your talk/presentation from yesterday) or numeracy from this morning.

2.Storytime – Listen to David Walliams . The link is live at 11am.Why not lie back and rest your eyes when you listen? – choose which chapters you want to read.

Then – Literacy – Spelling

Continue to look at these exception words for P4 and P5 in the document. years-3-and-4-spelling-list. Continue where you left off last week. Read each one then practice the ‘Look, Cover, Write, and Check’ method. Keep going until you have another 8 words you found tricky. Just like last week choose some of the following methods in this document to practise spelling the words:useful spelling ideas. Remember you can return to this document whenever you want to practise your spelling.

Some people have finished practising their spellings using this document so you can try :Hot Hot Hot spelling word list and follow the same ideas as above.

After Lunch

Reinforce your Egyptian numbers through playing :

The Egyptian Number System

Health-Activity One-Resilience

Continue with our resilience alphabet – C is for choice

Health-Activity Two-Healthy Eating

Go to –  scroll down and click on ‘Find Out More About A Balanced Diet Here First.’

When you are ready go back and click on ‘Get Started.’ Then drag the foods on the right into the correct places on the plate- the key for the different colours on the plate is at the bottom of the page. E.g. green is fruit and vegetables.

Extension – draw a plate on the page in your jotter and draw a healthy meal. This Powerpoint will help:The eatwell plate powerpoint

Before you go why not explore this WWF site . We have done some activities but it really is a great site!,118RN,3D1I49,3XV9F,1#making

Also if you are interested in Egypt you might enjoy this Horrible History video:

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