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Learning about Surrealism in P5


This week we looked at pieces of Surrealist artwork by various artists.

Cameron – It can be quite funny!

S – Surrealism is real but with a twist.

Then we designed our own pieces of surrealist art.

Anna – I enjoyed thinking about what I wanted to draw.

Grace – I drew an upside-down ice-cream.

Bailey – I drew the earth as a clock!

Robbie – I drew a pineapple with legs!


We have been practising different addition straategies which initially we found quite challenging.

Bella – I enjoyed the jump strategy.

In addition we have continued to practise our times tables.

Bailey – I enjoy practising tables using ‘Supermovers’ dance video.

Spelling/Outdoor Learning

We took our spelling word list outside and using chalk in the playground practised how to spell using different strategies.

Debbie – I used bubble writing!

Summer – I used word pyramids.

Sophie – I enjoyed the spellings.

We all thought Kyle did a great job using joined up handwriting to copy his spellings down.

Writing For a Purpose

Summer – I enjoyed writing thankyou cards!

Have a great holiday everybody! Stay Safe!


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