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P 6/5 Thursday 14th January

Thursday 14th January 2020

P6/5 Daily Plan

Hello again! Please remember that “Teams” gets really busy during the day so you are better off accessing the resources you need from “Files” the night before. Please also do not click on “New Conversation” in “Posts”. Please also remember it is not the correct platform for chat. Please do not post Giffs or pictures of pets etc, and keep your posting and pinging to the minimum, and as this will make it easier for you to find things and be less distracting. Another plea: make sure you read this document and the timetable as it has a lot of answers to the questions you are asking. I will try to keep Teams as simple as possible for you all by only uploading what you need for each day into the “General” folder in “Files”. I have added some more activities for you to “Education City Homework”. There are loads of other really interesting activities in their as well. The other website I love is the BBC: check this out (and generally look at their site):

Writing: We will do a check in at 9, followed by discussing what we have been doing in writing at 9:15. We will then watch Ms Taylor’s video in preparation for our lesson. I will up-load the video for you to download and it is also available on Youtube here

Numeracy: LI To divide by 10, 100 (and 1000). Again I will try to do a live teach for this as timetabled. We will again TJ Book 2a (this can be found here: Teams > P 5-6 Mr Colverson > Files > Class Materials > Maths and Numeracy) this time page 25, which is also in “Files”. For those of you that want to really challenge yourselves try the “How do I plan a simple budget?” activity here:,ZJHV,24F84E,4G936,1

Spelling: I have up-loaded (into this file: Teams > P 5-6 Mr Colverson > Files > Class Materials > Spelling) the overviews for P5 and P6, as well as P4 and P2, which you can use for additional support. There is also the Fry’s list of common words. I have also up-loaded a list of spelling activities.

P6 P5 S1 S2
cough, fierce, necessary, sequence, answer, creation, finally, neighbour jaundice, jealous, jaws, jay, jaw, juggle


right, bright, high, fight, flight, tonight, fright, night, might, tight, thigh their






IDL: What do you want to do? I think making a video, possibly about climate change would be great fun. I have sourced some videos that might give us some ideas and copied the links onto the document “Ideas for IDL”. We will look at these and discuss them.

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