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THURSDAY 14.1.21

Hello everyone, Mrs Lockhart here. Hope you are all well.

Please remember that “Teams” gets really busy during the day so you are better off accessing the resources you need from “Files” the night before. Please also do not click on “New Conversation” in “Posts”. Please also remember it is not the correct platform for chat. Please do not post Giffs or pictures of pets etc, and keep your posting and pinging to the minimum, and this will make it easier for you to find things and be less distracting.

Today you meet at 9.00 for a live check in with Mrs Dobbie, then with me at 11.00 and again after lunch at 1.30 for a live dictation lesson. Hopefully this gives you time and space to complete the tasks and then meet up to discuss how things are going.

Also I made a little mistake on Monday! There is no need to print any activity, the expectation is you copy the worksheet into your jotter. Hope that makes things easier for everyone. If you can, then photo the work and upload it to your folder or email it in and that would be perfect.

All your work for the day from me is in the Class Materials folder dated 14.1.21. We are covering RME /French with Mrs Dobbie, Maths Problem Solving, a dictation and a prediction task from a story.

I have written down times to try and help with organisation but feel free to move things around or do them later if that’s easier.

9.00 – Live check in with Mrs Dobbie and outline of activities

BREAK 10.30 – 10.45

11.00 – live check in with Mrs Lockhart and overview of the day

11.20 Maths Task – Time

Go to

Now complete the worksheet  Challenge Time 1 Show your working in the box.

LUNCH 12.30-1.15

1.30 Spelling Work live dictation

Take a new line in your jotter write the short date (14.1.21) and title – Dictation

Listen carefully and write your group’s dictation. We have done this many times in class so it should be straightforward.

2.00 Next task is to watch the story clip (only available in Team Files) and predict what happens at the end. Stop the clip when the wolf comes into the story and write your prediction down. Remember to give some evidence for your answer. Write your prediction and evidence in your jotter. I’m looking forward to reading your guesses. They don’t need to be correct but there does need to be some evidence to back them up.

That’s all for today. I’m looking forward to being in touch with you again tomorrow. Take care everyone.

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