Highlights of the Week!

Leavers’ Assembly

Anton – I enjoyed the leavers’ assembly. My favourite part was the time machine. I cried! This is because many of my friends are in P7!

Bella – I enjoyed the singing.

Emily – I enjoyed seeing the P7s dancing. I had never seen L.D. dance before. When they were spinning round in the 50s dance they looked very dizzy.

Debbie – I enjoyed singing along to the songs because I knew all of them!


Jaxson – I enjoyed seeing my buddy. We played tig!

Hope – I enjoyed helping my buddy during their visit to the P1 classroom.

Lily-Elen – My buddy made me coffee out of sand!

Bella – I am excited because on Thursday we will be having a teddy bears’ picnic with our buddies!

Also, P6 buddies made books for their buddies.


During P.E. we having been choosing what to do on the field and so have played lots of games.

Hide and Seek

Bella – Oscar and Anton walked right passed us!

Bailey – Fraser hid in the long grass and nobody could see him!

Oscar – Jaxson hid up a tree and I was hiding near him in the long grass.

Jaxson – I was trying not to make any noise and a big spider was on my face!!!!!!!

Emily – Hiding in the grass made my eyes sore (I have hay fever.)

Alexis – Bella walked past us 3 times when I was hiding!

Callum – I was hiding in a bush and Kaiden and Kyle walked past…I heard them say ‘All clear!’


Emily – I enjoyed watching Spiderman even though I cried. Everyone in the forgot who Peter Parker was!

Outdoor Learning

Emily – We went to the shop and put soil in the planters.

Music Appreciation

Emily – We were listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack and also Kate Bush. We all knew the chorus!


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